- With so many major retailers and corporations closing their doors in record numbers, many people are looking for new ways to make a living and support their families.  Fortunately, for those lucky enough to live in a state where marijuana is now legal, they have MANY new completely legal options available to them.  

This Special Edition of the Libertarian Times is dedicated to the Gangapreneurs out there who are blazing their own new trails in cannabis careers. 

Recently, we traveled to Colorado from Texas to learn about some of these new business opportunities we've been hearing about and experience some of these new products for ourselves.  We got on board the 420 friendly party bus operated by 420 TOURS from Denver and were taken to where it all starts, at a grow facility called Whole Meds (family owned and operated) and specializing in completely organic plants, both medical and retail.  They grow their own, have their own dispensaries and sell their own products.

But we didn't stop there, we dropped in to their dispensary to purchase some of their own organic products which they produce themselves.  New products  are hitting the shelves for every type of ailment you can imagine, including acne relief,  arthritis creams, muscle relaxing balms creams and freezes, salves for open wounds for quick healing and more.  

Photo credit:  Lee Santos

 Being the sceptic that I am, I seriously doubted these creams would be of any benefit to me, I have terrible foot pain, hip pain and occasional lower back pain. Well, to my surprise, EVERY cream I tried had very noticeable pain relief and they were almost immediate as well.  How nice it would be for older Americans to get access to these creams without having to rely on pills for pain relief!  

The only difference between medical and retail marijuana plants is the amount of tax they charge, medical patients pay around 8% and retail customers pay around 20% approximately. 


Innovative and impressive new product from actor and inventor Creagen Dow.  

POKE A BOWL solves your ash mess problem by simultaneously poking your pipe hole AND and collects your ashes!  

Comes in a different sizes for home and on the go.  Stylish and practical, Creagen has outdone himself with this amazing and handy new solution to clean up your ash hole.  Makes a great gift for family and friends!  He's got a very promising new Cannabis career going and I look forward to seeing what he's got up his sleeve next!  

Find Creagen Dow on Twitter at @CreagenDow AND @PokeABowl

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