Is a Stroke in Your Future?

Having diagonal creases across your ear lobes may mean you are at increased risk of suffering a stroke, according to new research. Scientists who examined 241 people who had experienced a stroke found more than three-quarters of them had the mark, known as Frank’s sign, on their ears. It’s thought that clogging of the arteries, which increases the risk of a stroke, also leads to poor blood supply to the ear lobes. This would cause a loss of elasticity and, in turn, the visible creasing. The Israeli researchers who uncovered the findings said doctors should consider adding the ear lobe … Continue reading

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Can a Heart Be Hacked?

A tech security evaluation has found a whopping 8,000 software vulnerabilities in the code of pacemakers. Security research firm WhiteScope carried out the assessment on implantable cardiac devices, physician programmers and home monitoring devices for four major manufacturers. The researchers found a worrying consistency across all vendors, highlighting inherent system weaknesses in file system encryption and storage of unencrypted patient data. The report notes that pacemaker security faces “some serious challenges”. Current Prices on popular forms of Silver Bullion LATEST: 100,000+ attacks of #WannaCry ramsomware detected in 24 hours #WanaCrypt0r #WCry — RT (@RT_com) May 13, 2017 The … Continue reading

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Telling the Truth About JFK’s Murder

As we commemorate JFK’s 100th anniversary, we find the media regurgitating their failed propaganda and covering-up the truth about his murder and the conspiracies surrounding it. LRC readers have always been consumed with the search for the truth, what really happened, and who perpetrated his assassination. The following books have been valuable resources in that search. For more in-depth information, listen to Lew’s podcasts with the authors. Hence, as we remember JFK and his presidency, let’s chose to revisit the conspiracies and many of the facts that can’t be kept from us forever. Time to buy old US gold coins … Continue reading

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Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, New York

This article reviews the “mysterious” phenomenon of IDs and Passports of terror suspects routinely discovered (often in the rubble) in the wake of a terrorist attack. In most cases the alleged suspect was known to the authorities. Is there a pattern?  The ID papers of the suspect are often left behind, discovered by police in the wake of a terrorist attack. According to government and media reports, the suspects are without exception linked to an Al Qaeda affiliated entity.    None of these terror suspects survived. Dead men do not talk.  In the case of the tragic events in Manchester, the bankcard of … Continue reading

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The Real Story of Zbigniew Brzezinski

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter, died Friday at a hospital in Virginia at the age of 89. Though the New York Times acknowledged that the former government advisor was a “hawkish strategic theorist,” misrepresenting his legacy as one of otherwise infinite positivity may not be as easy as the establishment might like to think. As the United Kingdom plays around with levels of the so-called “terror threat” following a devastating attack by an ISIS-inspired individual — and as the Philippines goes into an almost complete state of martial law following ISIS-inspired destruction — Brzezinski’s timely … Continue reading

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Spain Is Holding Catalonia Hostage

Imagine you are in a book club. For a few years, it was great, you liked the books and the discussion with members. But then, the club started reading steamy romance novels that you just weren’t into and would not entertain your opinions for other material. Finally, when you can’t relate to the discussion on the texts anymore, you decide to leave the club. But then, the book club President locks the door and tells you to sit down. You will remain in the club, the other members tell you, whether you like it or not. You will read the … Continue reading

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Bad News for Gun Grabbers

In addition to being history’s greatest gun salesman, Barack Obama did the best job of convincing John Q. Public there really is a need for concealed carry. John Q. paid attention and turned out by the thousands. Also under Obama’s watch the last two concealed carry hold-out states – Wisconsin and Illinois – passed laws permitting residents to carry a concealed firearm. Of course, the Birkenstock Brigade fought it in both states warning of dire consequences, casually ignoring the other 48 states not experiencing any problem with concealed carry permit holders. So far, no blood running in the streets, no … Continue reading

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