Ask A U.S. Citizen: Do Immigrants Commit More Crimes?

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David Bier is an immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity. He is an expert on visa reform, border security, and interior enforcement.

In every census since 1980, immigrants have been half as likely to be incarcerated as natives. This is especially true of those most likely to be here illegally — who are FIVE TIMES less likely to be incarcerated.

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‘The Romans of the Decadence’ (1847) by Thomas Couture.

Who Owns Jobs: The Government or the Employer?

Who Owns Jobs: The Government or the Employer? This article was featured in our weekly newsletter, the Liberator Online. To receive it in your inbox, sign up here. Reuters has reported that the Donald Trump administration’s pick for head of the U.S. Labor Department has admitted to hiring undocumented immigrants in the past. More specifically, he admitted to […]

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