Exposing Big Pharma’s Vaccine Lies

Robert F. Kennedy Jr was recently a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show for Fox News, and in it he revealed it was only the second time he’d ever been allowed to discuss the dangers of vaccines on such a platform. This restriction is hardly a surprise, and it’s no secret that networks and shows are paid vast amounts of advertising dollars by big pharmaceutical companies to paint a particular picture — one that continually promotes vaccines as necessary and safe. Hundreds of scientists and doctors from around the world who are now publishing studies that raise concerns about vaccine safety share this sentiment. Dr. Christopher Shaw, … Continue reading

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An Avocado a Day….

By Dr. Mercola Sometimes people have more than one serious health complication. If those problems happen to be three or more of the most prevalent risk factors for heart disease and diabetes, such as high blood pressure, high triglycerides and a large waistline, they merge into a single disorder known as metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome represents one very serious illness, affecting 40 percent of the U.S. population over age 40. Scientists from the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), conducting a review of 129 scientific studies on the topic of avocados and metabolic syndrome, now … Continue reading

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Why Politicians Win (and Workers Lose)

Socialism leads to the politicization of society. Hardly anything can be worse for the production of wealth. Socialism, at least its Marxist version, says its goal is complete equality. The Marxists observe that once you allow private property in the means of production, you allow differences. If I own resource A, then you do not own it and our relationship toward resource A becomes different and unequal. By abolishing private property in the means of production with one stroke, say the Marxists, everyone becomes co-owner of everything. This reflects everyone’s equal standing as a human being. The reality is much … Continue reading

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Is Slower Safer?

The mantra is that Slow is Safe. But Slow is often also oblivious – and sloppy. Which tends to be dangerous, the opposite of safe. The priests – and priestesses, more often – of The Safety Cult have not noticed. The other day, I rolled up behind a car descending a mountain pass. The speed limit is 55 – the car was moping along at about 38 MPH. No, moping isn’t exactly the right word. It was randomly sashaying left then right, onto the shoulder – then across the double yellow. Time to buy old US gold coins But well below the Speed … Continue reading

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Look Around

A few years ago my wife and I planted some cherry trees on our land in France, and now they are in bloom. The strange thing is that I can stand and look at the blossom, if not for hours (one must not exaggerate), at least for several minutes at a time—and repeatedly. I enjoy watching the bees at their work. I am glad to be alive. I cannot help but think of A.E. Housman’s poem as I stand looking at the flowers, white as a wedding dress: Loveliest of trees, the cherry now Is hung with bloom along the … Continue reading

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No Ann Coulter in Berkeley?

After a highly publicized ordeal involving UC Berkeley and Ann Coulter, and after the latter insisted as recently as just a few hours before the time of this writing that she would speak at Berkeley irrespectively of the fact that administrators had done all that they could to prevent her from being heard, Ann has decided to…cancel her event. “There will be no speech,” she wrote in an email to Reuters. Two groups that originally planned on sponsoring her had backed out.  “I looked over my shoulder and my allies had joined the other team.” Ann added: “I have no … Continue reading

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Endless Atrocities

Paul Atwood, a Senior Lecturer in American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, provides a concise summary of the history that informs North Korea’s “relations with the United States” and “drives its determination never to submit to any American diktat”. Excerpts from Atwood’s summary are here used as a framework, with other sources where indicated. Atwood notes it is an American “myth” that the “North Korean Army suddenly attacked without warning, overwhelming surprised ROK defenders.”  In fact, the North/South border “had been progressively militarized and there had been numerous cross-border incursions by both sides going back to 1949.” Part … Continue reading

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A Nation of Sheep Begets a Government of Wolves

I just finished John W. Whitehead’s important book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State. It was chilling, Orwellian and correct about our emerging police state. In a week when we learned that our government admits that it has has been collecting trillions of our telephone calls, emails, videos, facebook posts, etc. and the Supreme Court oks government collecting our DNA if we ever should be arrested for any alleged crime, the author tells us that all this has been happening quitely behind our backs for years. Fully documented to the end, this book is well-written and an … Continue reading

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Hone Your Handgun Skills

Here are three drills I use with myself and with students to test and confirm that fundamental skills, especially trigger press, are in place. They’re also a great way to evaluate a trigger and sight picture vs. point of impact on an unfamiliar handgun. 1. Case drill Larry Vickers started an advanced pistol class with this drill. It’s been a wonderful tool for me to use with shooters, especially new ones, who think pressing the trigger is an event. This drill allows you to feel that pressing the trigger is nothing more than another step in the firing sequence. Instant … Continue reading

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The US Will Break Its Teeth on Iran

Maybe the president believes he’s won a great victory over the wicked Syrians by lobbing cruise missiles at one of their underused air bases.  Maybe Trump believes that he’s scared the evil Russians and the too big for their sampans Chinese into obedience. His 22,000 lb MOAB terror bomb on Afghanistan should keep those pesky Taliban quiet for a while even though the Pentagon claimed the intended target was a group- Khorosan – that may not actually exist. Those major malefactors, the crazy North Koreans, could be about to feel America’s full military might if they so much as twitch. … Continue reading

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‘The World’s First Truly Private Smartphone’

Nearly half of US adult smartphone owners fall victim to cyber thieves each year – but the notorious founder of the world’s largest security technology firm believes he has a solution. John McAfee has unveiled plans to develop what he calls ‘the world’s first truly private smartphone’, which is said to be ‘hack-proof’. Boasting a $1,100 price tag, the ‘John McAfee Privacy Phone’ will be equipped with switches that enable users to manually disconnect certain components such as the antennas for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and geolocation. McAfee plans to release the phone later this year through MGT, reported Anthony Cuthbertson with … Continue reading

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Captive of the Deep State

When the gullible and insouciant American public and the presstitutes who participate in the deceptions permitted the Deep State to get away with the fairy tale that a few Saudi Arabians under the direction of Osama bin Laden, but without the support of any government or intelligence agency, were able to outwit the entirety of the Western Alliance and Israel’s Mossad and deliver the greatest humiliation in history to “the world’s only superpower” by making the entirety of the US government dysfunctional on September 11, 2001, Washington learned that it could get away with anything, any illegal and treasonous act, … Continue reading

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Mississippi Libertarian for mayor featured on ABC, Fox TV

Mariner Durant, the Libertarian candidate for Mayor in Meridian, Mississippi this November, was recently interviewed on WTOK-TV, the local ABC affiliate. Click here to watch the interview. He also was interview by Fox 30. Click here to watch. Click here to view his campaign website.

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“Hate Speech” Does Not Exist – Speech Is Either Free Or Censored

This article was featured in our weekly newsletter, the Liberator Online. To receive it in your inbox, sign up here. Former Vermont Governor and DNC Chairman Howard Dean recently surfaced with the following tweet: “Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment.” The comment was aimed specifically at Ann Coulter, Firebrand of the Right. Coulter had […]

Why Taxation is Slavery: Words From Frederick Douglass

douglassTo make a contented slave, you must make a thoughtless one. It is necessary to darken his moral and mental vision, and, as far as possible, to annihilate his power of reason. He must be able to detect no inconsistencies in slavery. The man that takes his earnings, must be able to convince him that he has a perfect right to do so. It must not depend upon mere force… If there be one crevice through which a single drop can fall, it will certainly rust off the slave’s chain.

The Fed is Not Political, And I Have a Bridge To Sell You

yellenThere is an old saying that one should never talk about politics or religion. I think that is just a way to make sure people don’t talk about anything productive or eye opening.

And I think it is basically the same attitude that makes the New York Times tell us not to “politicize the Federal Reserve.”

Preserving our history

Dear Libertarian, Our party is growing and I am thrilled to help welcome so many “newborn Libertarians”. But, as we grow and move towards our future, we MUST know our past, and we are in serious danger of losing it. Many of the original delegates and liberty-fighters that started this party have passed away and […]

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Thanks to all those who donated to our Ballot Access Fund during the very special double-matching opportunity. I’m delighted to share with you that we have now reached the full $33,900 which will now be TRIPLED to $101,700! Our experts have recommended that we raise $130,000 in 2017 to do the work needed to ensure […]

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