How Sane Cannabis Policy is Blocked by the Machine

cannabis-plantThe federal ban on cannabis is one of those policies which make living in Americ feel like the dark ages. It wastes tax dollars with enforcement, and it tramples states’ rights to make their own laws.

Worst of all though, it threatens legal businesses in states which are pot friendly and threatens the life, liberty, and property of countless individuals who harm no one while using marijuana for recreational or medical purposes.

“Minimum Deterrence as a Vulnerability in the Market Provision of National Defense”

Abstract: Minimum deterrence, though consistent with the nonaggression principle, is inadequate to deter states from invading anarchist territory and provides inadequate means of territorial defense when deterrence fails. In order to be effective, and thus attract clients, private defense agencies may want to adopt a military posture that incorporates first-strike counterforce and second-strike countervalue capabilities. To […]

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Volume 8 of Libertarian Papers is Now Available |

We are happy to announce that Volume 8 of Libertarian Papers (2016) is now available in a print edition. This volume contains all Libertarian Papers articles for 2016, including contributions by scholars like Jan Narveson, Billy Christmas, Peter Lewin, Ryan Murphy, Aiden P. Gregg, and many others. It also covers a wide range of the most pressing and controversial topics in […]

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Is the FBI Spying on Ron Paul?

Carter Page is an FBI target of investigation, and he shouldn’t be. He has been under surveillance for years, and he shouldn’t be. The FBI’s reasons are his associations with Russians, built through business and financial matters, and his views on U.S. foreign policy toward Russia that are critical of U.S. foreign policy. On grounds like these, the FBI could build a case for spying on a large number of people looking to do business with Russians.  The FBI could also spy on many, many people in the pro-liberty and anti-empire camp who are critical of U.S. foreign policy: Justin … Continue reading

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Selling Out for Power and Pelf

Sebastian Mallaby is the Paul A. Volcker Senior Fellow for International Economic Relations at the Council on Foreign Relations. One can be sure, then, that his new comprehensive book, The Man Who Knew: The Life and Times of Alan Greenspan, reflects an Establishment point of view. As if this were not enough to tell us where the book is coming from, Mallaby informs us that he had Greenspan’s full cooperation in writing it. “This book is based on almost unlimited access to Alan Greenspan, his papers, and his colleagues and friends, all of whom were generous in their collaboration. Though the book is … Continue reading

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Are You Vitamin Deficient?

Many of us suffer from bad breath, cracked lips and agonising headaches. But they could all be a sign of something much more sinister. These are just three of the common signs of vitamin or mineral deficiencies, experts have warned on the back of a new poll of 2,000 adults. Other issues which could point to an insufficient diet include thinning hair, a lower libido, white spots on your nails, dandruff, stress and even dry skin. The findings, commissioned by Healthspan, showed six in ten adults are clueless about signs that could show they are suffering from a deficiency. But … Continue reading

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Thank Godness I Had a Gun

Originally published by Virginia – Like “Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage,” “Thank God I had a Gun” provides a lot of detailed information. In this case it is about real-life self-defense cases. Using actual events from the news, the book covers what led up to the shooting, the shooting itself, and the aftermath, including interactions with the police and the courts. Each case also has Mr. Bird’s thoughts about the shooting. I found that Mr. Bird’s writing style made the book one of those that you keep thinking, “I’ll put it down after the next page.” Which then becomes, … Continue reading

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Splitting Our Baby in Half

Human desire is a magnetic force. Whenever a person desires something, the desire takes hold of their whole being. Another person sees that person’s desire for an object as a kind of differentiating marker that appears wholly unlike what they themselves possess. This perceived essential differentiation of status attracts the second person to copy the desire of their model. As the second person’s desire draws him into coherence with the magnetic attraction of the first, a subtle shift occurs in their perception. The original differentiating marker, the object that occasioned the imitation, takes on the less apparent magnetic pull as … Continue reading

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Perversion of Prayer

If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, 1 Timothy 2:1-2 is the last refuge of a warmongering, conservative Christian. In those verses, oft repeated in the fellowship halls of American churches, Paul instructs Timothy to pray for a Republican president, congress, and courts. And, most importantly, an overly strong military that will shine as the beacon from our city upon a hill. That is the quintessential conservative Christian prayer – or so it seems at time. However, the full passage from Paul’s powerful instruction reads much differently: Why are the most advertised Gold and Silver coins NOT the best way … Continue reading

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You Understand Gold

How can ordinary people ever understand the importance of gold when they are continuously fed with false and distorted facts. The latest publication to publish false and ignorant propaganda on gold is the British weekly magazine the Economist. The article begins with a graph of gold starting in September 2011. Anyone who knows anything about gold recognizes that this is the time when gold reached a peak of $1,930. Between 1999 and 2011 gold had gone from $250 to $1,930 which is an increase of almost 700%. During the same period, the Dow was virtually unchanged and the UK index, … Continue reading

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Fake News About Dietary Supplements

Despite the fact 71% of Americans take dietary supplements and 85% express overall confidence in their safety [Council for Responsible Nutrition], one would get the mistaken impression from news reports that the public is mindless and gullible to every sales pitch made by supplement makers.  There is no question major news sources create news to fit political, environmental, cultural or religious agendas.  Americans’ trust and confidence in mass media “to report the news fully, accurately and fairly” has dropped to an all-time low says The Gallup Poll.  Only 32% of Americans polled say they have a great deal or … Continue reading

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Psychobabble and the Prince

One of Britain’s royal princes has revealed to tens of millions of his closest and dearest friends and acquaintances, via an interview in a newspaper, that he found the period after the death of his mother difficult. He was widely praised for his openness when, of course, he should have been firmly reprehended for his emotional incontinence and exhibitionism. Alas, this kind of psychological kitsch is fashionable, with all kinds of princely personages—footballers, rock stars, actors, actresses, and the like—displaying their inner turmoil, much of which, unlike the actual prince’s, is self-inflicted. They parade that turmoil as beggars in some … Continue reading

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My Father’s World and Mine

My father was born on April 22, 1917. He died at age 91. If we think of the really big inventions of the modern world, most of them were in widespread use at the time of his birth. Alternating current electricity was in most cities. The automobile, as represented by the Model T Ford, had begun to change American social habits. Mass production techniques were being adopted in American industry. Public health measures, especially cleaner streets in cities, had begun to take root in the United States. Drinking water was safe. The sewer systems worked. People in cities had telephones. … Continue reading

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The Safest Country for Julian Assange

US actress turned activist Pamela Anderson said that the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, needs protection and France is the best place for him. “Julian named the names of very influential people who will stop at nothing to discredit him, he needs protection and France would be the best place for that,” Journal Du Dimanche quoted Anderson as saying. According to her, accusations of rape against Assange are slander. Anderson has been friends with Assange since 2014 and often visits him at the Embassy of Ecuador in London. She noted that French presidential candidates Jean-Luc Melanchon and Marine Le Pen have said  that if they win in the elections they will to grant French … Continue reading

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1984 or Brave New World

Definition of UTOPIA 1:  an imaginary and indefinitely remote place 2:  a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions 3:   an impractical scheme for social improvement Definition of DYSTOPIA 1:  an imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives 2:  literature:  anti-utopia – Instant Access to Current Spot Prices & Interactive Charts  Many Americans today would quite possibly consider Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” to be a utopia of sorts with its limitless drugs, guilt-free sex, perpetual entertainment and a genetically engineered society designed for maximum economic efficiency and social harmony.  Conversely, most … Continue reading

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Florida town now has two elected Libertarian officials

The town of Frostproof, located in Polk County, Florida, now has two elected Libertarian officials, as Austin Gravley was elected to the city council on April 4. Even though the election was non-partisan, Mr. Gravley switched his voter registration to Libertarian the day before the election. Mr. Gravley won the one-on-one race with almost 62% […]

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What EpiPen and Lasik reveal about healthcare

EpiPen is basically early 1900’s technology. It’s a syringe containing adrenaline, attached to a spring. During the last couple of years, the price has increased from $100 to $600 per device. Even though production cost has gone down to 10 dollars per device, the price has gone up. Laser eye surgery, on the other hand, […]

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“The Puppies Should Die!” – Happiness Instead of Rights

This article was featured in our weekly newsletter, the Liberator Online. To receive it in your inbox, sign up here. Saturday Night Live featured a sketch in 2011 portraying a caricature of Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul and his libertarian philosophy. In typical SNL style, Paul was depicted as a “purist,” insisting he could not intervene […]

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