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avon üye ol Görsel ve yazılı medyanın bu konuya olan ilgisi, bireylerin daha fazla sosyal bir hayat yaşama ve dış görünüşe önem verme isteği, güzellik merkezlerinin sayıca avona üye ol artması ve kozmetik sektöründeki hızlı gelişmeler, kişisel bakım ürünlerinin tüketimine yönelik talepleri artırmıştır. Günümüzde sadece güzelleşmek ve çekici görünmek amacıyla kozmetikler hala kullanılmakla birlikte yaşam […]

Mises Cuba

Libertarian Party condemns arrest and detention of Cuban freedom activists

For immediate release March 21, 2017 The Libertarian National Committee of the United States condemns the arrest and detention of political dissidents Ubaldo Herrera Hernandez and Manuel Velazquez, who have been detained by the Cuban government since their arrest on February 2. Both men were targeted for peacefully promoting small government, civil liberties, and free […]

The Dirty Dozen

By Dr. Mercola In a 2013 survey, 71 percent of Americans expressed a concern over the number of chemicals and pesticides in their food supply.1 And no wonder — research has linked long-term pesticide exposure to infertility,2 birth defects,3,4 endocrine disruption5 and obesity, reduced IQ,6 neurological diseases7 and cancer.8 It is only a common-sense conclusion that reducing your pesticide exposure would result in improved health. The amount of pesticides used both commercially and in residential areas has grown immensely since 1945. More than 1 billion pounds are used each year in the U.S. alone. Worldwide, an estimated 7.7 billion pounds … Continue reading

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Subprime on Wheels

It’s a good time to be a repo man. . . again. Lots of business picking up used cars people stopped making payments on. According to S&P Global Ratings and an article in Bloomberg News, defaults on these subprime loans are at their highest water mark since the subprime collapse of 2008 and the “recovery rate” – what the lender ends up recouping of the original debt principle – is a mere 34.8 percent. It’s a lot of money flushed. But how is it that cars – all of them, not just the used ones – bleed value this quickly … Continue reading

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In a Time of Universal Deceit

George Orwell once said that “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Since he offered those words decades ago, we have seen deceit become a pervasive and global problem, where the general public really has no clue what is happening around the world. The truth is, we live in a world of secrecy, and many prominent figures throughout history have been trying to tell us this for years. Even President Theodore Roosevelt warned us of the secret government, revealing that “behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government, owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.”  (source) (And he’s … Continue reading

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The NYT Wears a Tinfoil Hat

There are real reasons to worry about President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, including his casual belligerence toward Iran and North Korea and his failure to rethink U.S. alliances with Saudi Arabia and Israel, but The New York Times obsesses on Trump’s willingness to work with Russia. On Saturday, the Times devoted most of its op-ed page to the Times’ favorite conspiracy theory, that Trump is Vladimir Putin’s “Manchurian candidate” though evidence continues to be lacking. The op-ed package combined a “What to Ask About Russian Hacking” article by Louise Mensch, a former Conservative member of the British Parliament who now … Continue reading

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Are Microwave Ovens Dangerous?

Microwave ovens have been the norm in US households for almost 50 years. If you’re under 40, you’re more likely to have grown up with a microwave than without. Ever since they were first introduced, microwaves have been a source of controversy. While manufacturers and retailers maintain that microwaves are completely safe, many people still want to know: are microwaves dangerous? Many of the original concerns about microwave safety, such as radiation leaks and pacemaker problems, have been addressed by modern technology. However, there remain real, potentially serious, health issues that arise from microwave use. Leaks, burns, nutritional concerns, and … Continue reading

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Swift To Shed Blood

Their feet are swift to shed blood: Destruction and misery are in their ways: And the way of peace have they not known There is no fear of God before their eyes. – Romans 3:15-18 Ever since a state/ church pact of blood first began – under Constantine in AD 325 – it has continued throughout the centuries and has been revived on many occasions. But whenever deluded Christian leaders attempt to justify this, their true mission from God – to “seek and save that which is lost” – must be completely reversed: Current Prices on popular forms of Gold Bullion There are Biblical … Continue reading

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Bunkers for Billionaires

A growing number of the worlds super rich are preparing for the apocalypse by purchasing ‘doomsday bunkers’. But don’t expect the one per cent to slum it out in drab, concrete dwellings as they survive the end of the world – these bunkers feature some of the most lavish layouts imaginable that are designed for the more modern survivalist. ‘Your father or grandfather’s bunker was not very comfortable,’ Robert Vicino, CEO of Vivos, told CNN. ‘They were gray. They were metal, like a ship or something military. And the truth is mankind cannot survive long-term in such a Spartan, bleak environment.’ Vivos … Continue reading

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Determining one’s own sex or that of another used to be a simple matter. First, there was the matter of appearance, whether a person looked like a male or looked like a female. If appearance produced some uncertainties, one could determine sex by examining a person’s birth certificate. If appearance and a birth certificate produced uncertainties, the ultimate, absolute proof of sex was a person’s chromosomes; XX marked a female, and XY marked a male. Case closed. But those old-fashioned simple methods of identifying sex have changed. In fact, relying on those old tried-and-true methods of sex identification qualifies one … Continue reading

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When Disaster Strikes

No matter how prepared you are, survival is really about making the most of what you have on hand. Did you know there are many items sitting around your house that can protect you, no matter what kind of catastrophe strikes? If this list is any indication, women may be the ones to stick closest to since they have some of the most useful items. If you aren’t one, hopefully, you will know one since they likely will have the best multi-purpose goods when the SHTF. Household Items To Use When Disaster Strikes Physical Gold & Silver in your IRA. … Continue reading

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Welfare State Jesus

There are few things more intellectually pathetic than a political liberal who tries to make Jesus look like a political liberal. The Progressive political movement known as the social gospel is based on this view of Jesus. Its theology can be summarized as follows: “Thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote.” Nicholas Kristof writes for The New York Times. He recently attempted to nail Paul Ryan as a disciple of Jesus who was confused about Jesus’ message. For Kristof, Jesus’ message was all about authorizing the State to steal money from one group and hand it over to another … Continue reading

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When Was the Last Time You Held a Baby?

Have you ever noticed that pessimistic and depressed people avoid babies? I’m sure there are exceptions to this statement, but on the whole, I think it’s accurate. Dark, gloomy minds shy away from babies. I think there’s something to learn from this. Here’s another thought: There is a psychological need to be around small children. In The Breaking Dawn, I included a short passage about this: What the lords of the Order failed to understand was that the suppression of the birth rate was also involved in the suppression of productivity. A junior professor in Iceland had discovered the correlation. … Continue reading

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The War on Sci-Fi Deplorables

Does the science fiction community discriminate against people? That appears to be the question over the last several years, as the war over the Hugo awards between “True Fans” and “Puppies” rages on.  2015’s  Hugo awards saw a record number of “No Awards” handed out, as 2500 “True Fans” voted in lockstep to shut down nearly every category where a Puppy-chosen candidate stood any chance of winning. The 2016 Hugo awards saw fewer “No Awards,” but the few that did win demonstrate a clear political bias.  Toni Weisskopf, long time editor at Baen, was shut out again.  Larry Elmore–arguably (alongside … Continue reading

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Libertarian candidate campaigns in Montana

From KPAX-TV on March 19: “The Libertarian candidate for Montana’s lone U.S. House of Representatives seat campaigned in Great Falls Saturday after being nominated by Montana’s Libertarian Party in Helena last week. “Mark Wicks, a third generation rancher from Inverness, stopped at the ‘Gun and Western Collectable Show’ held at the Montana ExpoPark to talk […]

Announcing our 2018 national convention theme

Dear Libertarian, Over the last couple of weeks, I have emailed you about the contest to help choose our 2018 Libertarian Party National Convention theme. Thanks to all who have voted and donated. The final results are in! Our 2018 Libertarian Party National Convention theme will be “I’m That Libertarian!” For those who don’t know, […]

What Everyone Should Know About the New Quarantine Regulation

Imagine men in bleach white bio suits with medical masks show up at your door. You are suspected of carrying a communicable disease. You will now be arrested and held without due process, indefinitely.

The government could do this any day.

They have the “authority”. They have the personnel. They have the funding. Now all they need is the excuse.

EconLog: Thoughts on the Republican Health Insurance Reform, by David Henderson

(March 20, 2017 09:51 PM) I’ve held back on commenting in a big-picture sense on the Republicans’ plan for repealing and replacing Obamacare. I’ve found comments by Megan McArdle, Peter Suderman, co-blogger Scott Sumner, and Steven Landsburg, among others, useful. They’ve tended to focus on… (1 COMMENTS)

Wichita Eagle: Libertarian candidate squares off in debate with Democrat

From the Wichita Eagle on March 16: “Hundreds of chairs were filled at a Friends University auditorium on Thursday evening as Democrat James Thompson and Libertarian Chris Rockhold squared off in a debate for the 4th Congressional District special election. “A vacant seat between them was for Republican candidate Ron Estes, who did not attend. […]

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